Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio is a brand acquired in 1994 by Audio Partnership Plc and is used on a range of hi-fihome cinema and multi-room products. The original Cambridge Audio company was founded in 1968 and was primarily known for its range of amplifiers and tuners, many of which featured novel technical design and an unusually slim physical profile. The notable early success of their amplifiers was followed up over 15 years later with some very well-reviewed compact disc players. The CD1 was a 2-box CD player, which made a name for the company as the first 2-box CD-player in the world. This was followed by the CD2, which featured four 16-bit 4 times oversampling DACs. The company then developed a cassette deck and tuner to add to their range of source components. Acquisition by Audio Partnership saw it shed most of its product line to first focus on budget hi-fi. The success of their products has seen the company move into the mid-tier market.

Within the UK, Cambridge Audio is available only through Richer Sounds. Their products are distributed in 62 countries and have received some positive reviews from hi-fi and home cinema magazines.

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